In Only One Day, You’ll Learn How To Generate A Constant Supply Of Sales Meetings, whether you’re selling $10 SaaS or $100,000k services.
Cold Email and New Business Consulting
Compared to Facebook advertising, this is much easier to get right, much cheaper to test, and when done right, you can close clients worth over £10,000 (Or over $100,000 for agencies and enterprise SaaS)

We’re a business development agency, part of business development is having the ability to fill your sales funnel with a constant supply of hyper targeted leads whenever you need it.

What’s involved in the consulting process?

After just one day of consulting, we don’t just leave clients with all the information they need, we leave them with 4 Proven email templates tailored specifically for their business

And we have a follow up call 2 weeks after the consultancy just to make sure you’re on the right track and starting to get your first meetings.

Because this is a consultancy, don’t expect leads to fall onto your lap. We’ll show you how to set up the software, from there you’ve got to make sure you’re adding new data and taking sales meetings (we show you how to get 5,000 emails in 30 minutes of your time. That will last you a few weeks).

So if you’re willing to push through the initial learning curve, the odd technical hiccup (note, extra tech support can be provided). Then learning this approach will let you scale your business as much as your team/software/agency can handle.

If the lead generation goes BADLY, you can expect 1 extra SaaS demo per week, 1 extra sales meeting per week, or if you’re an agency. 1 new pitch every month with about a $300 spend…(note: none of my consultancy clients have ever had results this small)

So what if it goes well?

If it goes well however, and you're selling the right product, you can get up to 5 sales meetings a day for your sales team.

Who's This Consultancy For?

This Consultancy is for any B2B business that has a relatively large target market:

1) SaaS - Very often, B2B SaaS businesses get up to 80% of their total revenue from cold emails. (Enterprise SaaS and High Volume lower end SaaS).

2) Agencies - Agencies don't believe cold email can work for them because "Everyone is doing it" this simply isn't true. With the right targeting and copy, you'll get positive responses from cold email.

3) Consultants - One man bands can really thrive off cold email. Whether you work with 5 figure businesses or FTSE 100 companies, cold email will get you the sales meetings you want.

4) Freelancers - Fed up of ups and downs in your freelance career, you can create a cold email system where you'll never worry about lack of work. I'm really looking to work with freelancers with a track record. But if you're starting from scratch, cold emails can get you some really high quality testimonials. Fast!

5) Internet Marketers - Selling your online product works with cold email. Although it's best to provide a service/SaaS. Info products still work with cold email. (Must have high ticket B2B upsells)
A Few Questions We Get Asked

1) Facebook Ads Are Better…

Yes! Facebook ads are actally more scalable if you get them right. But here’s your problem
Facebook ads need £10,000 to make sure you get an ROI (even £500,000 is a small FB ad budget in the corporate world)

The problem here is Facebook ads are much easier to get wrong . Even spending £10,000 a month

To put things into perspective. You can do TONS with $500 a month on cold email

I believe cold email is the step before Facebook ads, being conservative, if you can get cold email right for 2 months. That’s your Facebook advertising budget right there (and enough to make sure you get it right)

2) I’ve seen/tried this before

Many people have sent cold emails before, and that’s a big problem for us.

If you really don’t believe cold emails can work for your business, then look at our testimonials above. Even better, feel free to connect to my clients on Linkedin/Facebook to see if those clients actually recommend us...

3) This consultancy is too expensive

That’s fine, what I recommend is you check out our group coaching product. You’ll have to do a little more work, but if you listen and implement the process is the same as the consultancy.

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P.S Do you want to send bulk outbound emails?

Just 12 months ago, it took us weeks and months of solving tech issues, testing boring copy, using the wrong email system and spending £1,000 (roughly $1,400 at the time) per month more than we needed just to send outbound emails.

In the last year, we’ve refined our process, rather than sending 2,000 emails a month for £1,000. We can teach you how to send 10,000 emails a month for $600. 

That's about 8x cheaper than the average person can send email.

P.P.S Do you have a “No Brainer” product (i.e a product where most sales prospects go “Yes this is exactly what I need”). We believe these products are the easiest to sell with our business development service, whether it’s a £100 product or a £1,000,000 contract. 

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