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Learn How To Get Automatic Meetings, Software Demos and Clients. Compared to Facebook advertising, this is much easier to get right, much cheaper to test (almost free!) and when done right, you can close clients worth over $11,200 (Or over $100,000 for agencies and enterprise SaaS)
Group Coaching Course
We don’t have any courses running at the moment. The last coaching course was £447-£497 - it could be more expensive next time (due to more and more of my clients getting great results). 

But, if you sign up to the wating list, we’ll send you an earlybird discount on the next course.

Most often we work in the following niches:
 - SaaS 
 - Agencies (ideally you’ll be an industry specific agency)
 - Efficiency driven services
 - Coaches
 - Consultants

This is our cheapest and simplest training course. 

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P.S Do you have a “No Brainer” product (i.e a product where most sales prospects go “Yes this is exactly what I need”). We believe these products are the easiest to sell with our business development service, whether it’s a £100 product or a £1,000,000 contract. Sign up - We can get you more sales.
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